Writing in a newsletter during the MNVO International Summit at Mobile World Congress Singapore, Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, Syniverse, said today’s mobile industry continued to be more competitive than ever and she’s right.

Mary Clark, CTM of Syniverse

Mary Clark, CMO of Syniverse

The fact that Tesco Mobile has topped the Ofcom customer satisfaction survey for the October to December 2014 Quarter demonstrates that small niche market companies can be successful in a heavily contested market if they go about things right.

According to Clark there are two factors which make a successful MNVO.

  1. Taking advantage of hosted services – Because most MVNOs don’t operate their own end-to-end networks, it’s essential that they have a strategy to gain access to the advanced services a full network provides.

Internetwork Packet eXchange (or IPX) has emerged as the critical network backbone to enable this. Using the single-connection capability of IPX, MVNOs can partner with MVNEs to gain access to a number of scalable hosted services.

IPX is the technology for connecting all IP networks, enabling an easy interface between new and legacy networks creating the platform for the future of wholesale voice and data services.

Here at SmartIPX we recognised early on the importance of cloud-based solutions and have built up our partnerships with Epsilon, the leading carrier neutral global operator, through both our eINX Peering Partnership agreement and our deployment of Cataleya’s Orchid One, an enhanced Session Border Controller (eSBC).

We specialise in connecting networks, connecting people. Just as the IPX standards (GSMA) have come to represent a new services model for transport layer technologies, here at SmartIPX we represent an agile network operations partner who is able to provide service desk triage capabilities, help you manage network elements such as SBC, switches and interconnects or provide an on demand service leveraging shared infrastructure assets and commercial agreements.

These cloud-based solutions enable MVNOs quick time to market with new services, cost-efficiency through a “pay as you grow” model, and full connection to advanced services like real-time intelligence capabilities.

  1. Applying real-time intelligence – Fine-tuning the subscriber experience through the use of real-time data is not only important for providing high-quality service, but also for engaging with subscribers to encourage more usage.

The latest real-time intelligence technologies ensure that MVNOs can consistently deliver top service by monitoring service elements, such as traffic levels, data download speeds. These technologies also can provide insight to help MVNOs tailor their engagement strategy in response to subscriber reactions to service changes, like new offerings, price-plan updates or marketing promotions.

New regulatory requirements, new OTT players and new LTE investment requirements are just some of the emerging forces which are changing the playing field and it is where the MNVO can shine. The number of MNVOs rose to almost 1,000 by the end of 2014 according to the GSMA, due in large to the regulatory policy changes which aim to increase competition within the market, alongside a growing interest in the marketspace from ISPs and the devise manufacturers themselves.

MVNOs have the capability to gain more customers through different brands, increase market share in mature markets, expand reach to niche segments, and generate additional revenue from leasing out networks.

Talk to us today about partnering for growth – we have decades of experience in quick and efficient delivery. We look forward to a conversation.

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