In a piece by Beth Schultz, Managing Editor of No Jitter, WebRTC was identified as possibly being the final component in the journey towards creating truly unified communications (UC) – standing out against a long line of ‘solutions’ which have turned out to be rather un-unified.

Audio and Video communications in the browser.

Audio and Video communications in the browser.

“We’re not just looking at unified communications, which is your traditional telephony and call centre. Our focus is on making communications – and I mean communications in a very broad sense – a feature off an enterprise application,” Mayank Choudhary, a director of product marketing with Oracle Communications, told Schultz in an interview at Oracle Industry Connect.

Choudhary demonstrated Oracle Communications’ Unified Communications Suite, an enterprise application which brings together instant messaging, text messaging, calendars and task management in an email environment which also has real-time voice and video capabilities as part of its workflow.

“We’re all about removing the discontinuity and preserving the context – all within one app,” he added.

As one proof point, Choudhary launched an audio conference from within the suite’s Web-based IM client, transferred the call to his mobile, and carried on the conversation from there. Such a scenario showcases how Oracle leverages WebRTC for real-time communications from the browser, as well as showing how other pieces of its communications architecture come into play.

What Oracle wants to do is address the ‘un-unified’ nature of today’s so-called UC environments by leveraging new technologies like WebRTC and the all IP-based, secure environments the company can create given the assets it gained via the Acme Packet and Tekelec acquisitions.

The interview was picked up by Chris Talbot, writing on Fierce Enterprise Communications. He said: “There’s a bit of marketing in that stance, of course, but No Jitter managing editor Beth Schultz appears to be impressed with Oracle’s next generation of unified communications solutions. And WebRTC is at the core of them.”

Recently, Avaya CEO Kevin Kennedy said unified communications was a promise never delivered upon.

Oracle seems intent on ensuring that promise is fulfilled. And the vendor is only one of many starting to get behind WebRTC. Whether or not WebRTC will truly be the unification element of UC remains to be seen.

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