Disruptive technology including wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) is shaping the future world including telecoms.

While not directly related, apart from the obvious wearable mobile technology for communication, the telecoms industry will be affected by the major role flexible electronic technology is unlocking while transforming our digital lives.

The market for wearable hardware is growing daily with IDTechEx predicting there will be three billion wearable sensors alone in use by 2025. However, the long term sustainability of wearables is still a concern with recent research showing a third of wearable technology owners abandoned their device after only six months of usage.

The reasons? Many are those traditional to electronics in general including the hardware not being robust enough and nine key factors have been commonly identified including the following four:

  • hardware shouldn’t be hard to wear;
  • it should be robust, yet have a perfect form factor and be comfortable for the user;
  • it should provide a great user experience and be compatible with the user’s lifestyle;
  • it should have a fantastic design whilst providing a high-level of innovative utility.

The key to achieving this is flexible electronics and the mobile phone provides a perfect case study for sustained behaviour changes – daily charging is now a habit which users are happy to do because of the exceptional utility which can be gained from a smartphone.

The Apple Watch - one of  the most eagerly anticipated wearables for 2015

The Apple Watch – one of the most eagerly anticipated wearables for 2015

How will this effect telecoms in the long run? We don’t know for sure but as the rise of the IoT moves alongside wearable technology and 5G networks, it’s going to be an exciting time finding out.

The future of voice is all about integrating telephony with other services – messaging, video, apps, social media, on a one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many basis: exactly what IPX has been designed to support. The growth momentum in International Wholesale Voice in the global market has been around IPX hubbing services.

At SmartIPX, we manage tools that enable our customers to leverage this Tier 1 operator investment, allowing our partners to focus on their customer experience in an IP anywhere and everywhere environment.

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