We very much enjoyed Epsilon’s webinar on the subject of the Intelligent Network as a Service, led by Jerzy (George) Szlosarek, Chief Operating Officer of Epsilon Global Communications, covering the topics:

  • An all IP-World –challenges and opportunities.
  • How to monetise IP services efficiently – network outsourcing with eINX.
  • Visibility and Service Management: High-performance apps and real- time communications services require end-to-end QoS and QoE.
  • Key Market Application – fixed/mobile for interconnect markets, retail markets and in the LTE segment.

Our key observations were as follows:


All of the webinar audience have started down the IP route from TDM

Screenshot (19)3g coverage reach will plateau at a little over 80% by 2020, with 4g showing steady growth to over 60% in the same period.

Screenshot (20)IP voice continues to grow faster than traditional voice.

Screenshot (21)

There are not inconsiderable challenges in the move to IP from TDM, both commercial…

Screenshot (22)

…and technical.

Screenshot (23)

But that new monetisation opportunities exist.

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