Once a global leader, the UK MVNO market has since become a rather volatile place to be; with aggressive consolidation plays and seemingly overwhelming competition. The question therefore has to be asked – will the UK market ever gain ground and reclaim its place as world leader in the MVNO industry?

In our opinion, in order to truly regenerate, it is critical for MVNO’s to provide a niche service – and back it up by excellent marketing. MVNO’s absolutely have to be able to emphasise customer service, operational excellence – or preferably both – to order to differentiate themselves and really turn around a troublesome situation.

The general consensus towards a solution seems to be the possible cooperation of MNO’s and the MVNO sector in the near future – but realistically, is this ever likely to happen?

A balanced relationship could perhaps be achieved via the generation of new dialogue between both carriers and regulatory commissions, thus avoiding a repeat of previous frictions.

The iMVNOx Association – an MVNO trade association launched earlier this year – certainly seems to think that this is a distinct possibility; locating their HQ in the UK in a bid to further understand the industry’s successes and failures and being quoted as saying “forget about history”. But can this be achieved?

One thing is for sure, the debate is likely to run and run. . .

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