HMRC is building out a PaaS and cloud strategy to support its digital services agenda

HMRC is building out a PaaS and cloud strategy to support its digital services agenda

HMRC is moving its tax platform to the Cloud and rolling out an automated infrastructure to support its internal Platform as a Service (Paas) in a bid to offer a set of new and redesigned digital services.

According to Business Cloud News, which recently ran a story on the news, Kalbir Sohi, an infrastructure design manager at HMRC said: “In HMRC we are scaling up our cloud infrastructure as we prepare to deliver more new and redesigned digital services. These services sit on the “Tax Platform”, our internal platform as a service.”

He added: “Over the last two years developing the Tax Platform we’ve been automating the creation of infrastructure to ensure consistency and quality in our infrastructure by defining it in code and decreasing the amount of time that people in our team spend doing repetitive manual tasks like provisioning and configuring servers.”

In a bid to ease vendor lock-in the organisation has been using a range of open source tools including Puppet, git and VCloud Tools to build and scale the infrastructure over the past two years; it’s also contributing code back to the codebases where relevant.

“We are committed to both using open source products and contributing back to the community to improve them based on what we are doing. This should help us to avoid being tied to one specific supplier or technology but will also allow us to contribute to some of the interesting and novel cloud tools that are emerging — hopefully making these tools more useable for organisations like HMRC,” Sohi explained.

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