A recent report from Ofcom has highlighted how the increasing popularity of 4G mobile devices among UK consumers is driving a demand for better quality VoIP experiences.

Shown 31% of 4g users use VOIP, 13% more than once a week.

4g and non-4g use of mobile services from Ofcom report

According to the UK regulator’s annual Communications Market Report (CMR), there are now 83.1 million mobile connections in the UK. Six million of these are 4G connections, a service that is now available on all four of the country’s major networks.

Graph showing 4g coverage in the UK

4G population coverage, by network (mobile operators’ own estimates) from Ofcom report.

The report also revealed that over a third of British adults are now using VoIP services. VoIP providers, such as Skype, allow users to make calls over the internet for free. Some combine this with other services such as instant messaging.

The prevalence of VoIP among consumers has led to a surge in the use of this type of service in both mainstream and enterprise B2B communications: we’re seeing platforms like Skype becoming an increasingly common part of today’s workplace.

As a result, users are looking for a high quality and reliable VoIP experience. Service providers must therefore respond to this demand, and are striving to supply the necessary network and bandwidth to support such activities.

Take-up of VOIP services: 2009 to 2014

Take-up of VoIP services: 2009 to 2014 from Ofcom report

This pattern is a clear example of consumerisation in telcoms. In this case, the growing popularity of VoIP programs like Skype, particularly by businesses, is shaping the way service providers develop their products.

The full report can be found here: 650h.rs/1onvtWB

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