Transition to the Cloud: It’s all about agile planning & deployment   






Telecommunications & the Cloud

Enterprises are already using multiple Clouds across different business operations. The need to connect more diverse and traditionally divided ecosystems with demanding expectations around performance, user experience and seamless integration, will push this trend more aggressively in the coming year. This will be felt nowhere more than in global Telecommunications.

As Jerzsy Szlosarek, CEO of Epsilon, one of our key technology partners, says in his first blog of 2017, “There is new momentum and excitement in the global connectivity and communications marketplace… Enterprises are hungry for a new way to network their Cloud, content and communications services and they are excited to see service provider networks evolve.”

This is all good news for SmartIPX. Our team have been building domain expertise and key skills with some of the most innovative brands consistently over the last 6 years to offer our clients access to communications technology and services they may otherwise not be able to reach due to scale of business or cost, which in 2017 means the Cloud.

While telecommunications technologies have continued to evolve and change, our sole focus has been to facilitate engagement with and using telecommunications as smooth as possible for our clients.  I strongly believe that 2017 will be the tipping point; when the convergence of multiple Clouds across the enterprise will fundamentally change the way people and businesses operate.

Transitioning to the new networks

Disparate siloed services are now being unified to offer seamless end-to-end solutions with a single user experience that accelerates how services can be deployed globally. Like Epsilon, we understand that, as Jerzsy says “software-defined networking (SDN) and different portal offerings emerge, networking platforms are becoming essential differentiators for our service provider partners”.

Jerzsy continues by making the point that “Without moving beyond their legacy infrastructure and management/support infrastructure, service providers risk losing relevance and their customer base to more dynamic, agile and innovative providers.”

It is clear to us that cloud-centric platforms must continue to offer the excellent security and high levels of quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) provided by traditional siloed networks, adding substantial agility with massive on demand scalability, all configurable through highly secure APIs.

Transition from the old networks to new hybrid Clouds will be very difficult to manage for existing service providers using their in-house team, who will continue to have management of customer-critical legacy systems as their priority. Many service providers approach a transition to the Cloud with the single question “Can I set this service up?”, when they should be thinking about issues such as making sure there is resilience and redundancy behind the API, about agile deployment, ramp up and switch over.

We always recommend that any service provider should engage a deployment partner with resource & capability to help planning, simplify procurement & manage delivery. Migration planning, covering strategic technical decisions, migration of data, dual running and exit of legacy systems is a set of services best allocated to a dedicated team not distracted by the complexity of trying to do all that and still look after existing revenue streams through the legacy platforms.

SmartIPX is further delighted to be launching our global Cloud Connect program via our partner Epsilon, recognised as 2015/16 Capacity Awards for wholesale innovation – our shared mission is to help organisations simplify and transform the way they interconnect. Cloud-centric networking will define the communications market in 2017 and we are well placed to help our clients take advantage.

At SmartIPX our team have been building domain expertise and key skills with some of the most innovative brands consistently over the last 6 years. Transition planning, strategic technical decisions, migration of data and services, dual running and exit of legacy systems all go more smoothly when SmartIPX are involved. We pride ourselves on solution delivery through collaborative engagement, working with our first in class technical partners to enable new opportunities and capture new sources of long-term growth and margin protection for our clients.

2017 is going to be an exciting year. Get involved – give us a call today; join the cloud and transform your business.

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Telecoms is in transition to a full cloud environment, where rapid deployment, reliability and technology upgrades have become a de facto standard. This opens up a wealth of service possibilities not feasible under more traditional siloed telecoms scenarios.
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