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December 2010

SmartIPX Formed

The future for global carrier interconnects is IPX and taking the principle of ‘one connection to many’, we set out on our journey to identify support services of value!

July 2011

Purchase of Global Network Operations (GNO)

With over a decade of experience in third party support, including knowledge and skills of legacy switching equipment.

August 2011

UK IP Services

The acquisition of assets from UK IP Services; securing the business resources, licences and IPR to integrate our own white label softswitch, prepaid billing platform and IP telephony capability for our managed services portfolio.

Mid 2012

Onboarding Global IT Transit

We onboarded with our Global IP Transit partner specialising in Retail VOIP to enable us to tailor bespoke voice quality options for our MVNA/MVNE/MVNO and CSP partners.

August 2012

ISO9001 Accreditation

Our ISO9001 accreditation, initially acquired and now extended to 2016.

Late 2012

Customer Expansion

Contract wins expanded our fraud management capabilities with key customers in both UK and Europe, combined with UK MVNO customer launches.

Early 2013

Ciptex Collaboration

We retained and expanded VOIP interconnect management for a global webcast conferencing service, a niche area reflecting our strength in VOIP interconnect.

June 2013

Shared Services Platform Upgrade

Our Managed Services team upgraded our own shared services platform, combining network function virtualisation within our own hybrid private cloud. This knowledge gain has been of immense value in working with global private cloud companies and Communication Service Providers seeking to expand their VOIP portfolio.

December 2013

North American launch

We helped our first North American MVNO customer successfully launch in North America, specifically US, Canada and Mexico and in the same month carried out the first of our full Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning scenarios across our full customer base.

August 2014


The business moved to new premises at Tiller Road, Docklands, London; within data centre facilities, our offices are purpose built for our ongoing operational demands with space to grow.

September 2014

Network Session and Application Manager Deployment – UK POP

We deployed Cataleya’s Orchid One Network Session and Application Manager, a highly advanced evolution of a session border controller (SBC), to support the growth of our Wholesale Voice Platform as a service offering.

October 2014

MNO First

Our first MNO went live on our Wholesale vPaaS, alongside new outsourced operational support customers in both wireless and transit network markets, both in the UK and Internationally.

November 2014

NextGen BSS Upgrade & Expansion

We expanded and upgraded our wholesale prepaid platform to a fully replicated diverse environment, working with Lifecycle Software. We were also delighted to secure key additions to our team at all levels of the business.

March 2015

Network Session and Application Manager Deployment – Sydney POP

Our POP went live supporting key customer expansion in Asia Pacific, enabling in country traffic management in both Australia and New Zealand.

May 2015

eINX Peering Partner

We are more than delighted to become an official eINX peering partner with Epsilon.This agreement reflects the quality assured network integration which commenced in early 2014. A QoS assured global transit model is now available to all vPaaS customers.

September 2015

Fraud Management Hits 100M Minutes per Month

Processing in excess of 100M minutes per month under our Fraud Management as a Service for multiple customers.

December 2015

NOC Performance Excellent Reaction Time

Technical desk team deliver ‘agile triage’ as the business maintains a 98%+ ticket management record within 5-15 minutes for all customer ticket activity

February 2016

Contract Extension with Key Customer

Major contract extension with key NOC Triage customer reflected their job growth in excess of 300% over previous 3 years and our consistent, excellent service performance.

April 2016

Fraud Insights Benchmark Report

SmartIPX launch our Fighting Fraud Insights Benchmark Report.

June 2016

Major Cataleya Enhancements

Major Cataleya enhancements on wholesale Fraud Management critical for key customers managing volume termination into Africa, Asia Pacific, Eastern Europe and South America.

December 2014

MVNO Launch & Triage Excellence

Our third UK MVNO is launched. We also onboarded a significant outsourced operation support agreement with a major UK managed services provider.

April 2015

AWS DIrect Connects & Strategic Blue Partnership

Q1 2015 saw our first AWS DX services deployed for customers. To also support commercial benefits, SmartIPX have partnered with Strategic Blue, Cloud Pricing & Options experts to help evolve purchasing models.

July 2015

Project Grand Union

SmartIPX proud to be part of Innovate UK funded Project Grand Union focused on network and non network based activity that can improve business mobility user experience. An exciting and challenging remit working across 3, 4G & 5G sector activity, with PGU partners Tracline & Surrey ICS 5G.

October 2015

X-Mobility MVNA

Establishment of virtual (OTT) UK mobile services via X-Mobility MVNA working with new MVNO.

January 2016

CAGR of 27% 2012-2015

Business publishes CAGR of 27% 2012-2015 reflecting steady and stable growth based upon trust to deliver a consistently high quality service delivery.

March 2016

Tollshield Deployment

Announced plans for deployment of Tollshield SaaS platform to help expand margin assurance for termination customers.

May 2016

Voice Services Portfolio Expansion

SmartIPX expands portfolio of voice services to enable VoWiFi leveraging the Cataleya Orchid One hybrid diameter signalling and SIP processing for MNO and MVNO, working with key ecosystem partners.

July 2016

Cataleya’s launch Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)

SmartIPX expanding market reach with Cataleya’s launch of their Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) version of Orchid One opening up CPaaS and Enterprise deployments – truly eSBC as a service

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