Combat 'VOIP' Fraud

Dramatically reduce exposure and minimise losses with SmartIPX’s fully managed Fraud Management service.

Combatting Fraud

Fraud negatively impacts everyone; consumer and commercial customers alike.

Whether an enterprise or communications service provider, losses impact operating costs, leading to higher service costs to the end user. Abuse of system vulnerabilities for criminal, financial gain is not new to telecommunications but the threat model is increasing in complexity.

In 2015 and 2017, the Communications Control Fraud Association (CFCA) Global Fraud Survey respondents identified that fraud may account for between 1-4% of their company’s total voice revenues. In 2019, total annual losses are still valued at between $17-$29 Billion.

VOIP Fraud, including PBX Hacking, International or Premium Revenue Share  (IRS/Premium), Interconnect Bypass and Wangiri are margin and brand attacks, without even factoring in call hijacking, spoofing and eavesdropping security concerns.  

Our Fraud Detection Service

Toolkit – processes – people – constant learning and refinement

Whilst you cannot fully eradicate fraudulent activity our Fraud Risk Management solution combines systems, personnel and expertise to significantly reduce the financial and brand threats associated with voice fraud, reducing your exposure and minimising losses.

The work that we carry out is vital across the whole business, impacting on:

  • Customer satisfaction levels;
  • Operational efficiencies;
  • Opex and capex budget management processes.

Voice traffic monitoring is complicated by the variety of profiles generated by the diversity in its source. No two voice traffic streams are identical and yet our NOC team strive to deliver flexible and cost-effective outsourced services that naturally evolve with the individual needs of each customer.

We work extensively with multiple network diagnostic tools and performance monitoring systems to enhance our knowledge and familiarity with your voice traffic footprint. Often working with existing customer operational support systems (OSS), we add value through feedback, design and development.

Our rapid response team is always on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

As the trusted operations partner for a wide range of communication service providers world-wide, we blend people, expertise and systems to enhance our client’s network operational capabilities. We are experts in remotely helping to operate and maintain our customers’ infrastructure and network, fine-tuned around their exact requirements.

Let us help!

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Key Features

Always On

Our detection service runs 24*7 protecting you from fraud

Rapid Detection

We typically identify fraud in real-time minimising impact to your business

Performance benchmark

We constantly monitor our performance, identifying and implementing improvements to protect you

Low resource impact

Our monitoring services have low impact footprints

Smart, resilient technology

We use best-in-breed detection solutions incorporating AI/ML

Low Service Impact

We aim to ensure that impact on your business through fraud is minimal

Evergreen investment with ROI

Strong defences deter fraudsters who typically seek the easiest path

Community focused partner

We circulate our findings with telecoms partners, helping to reduce fraud instances globally

How It Works

We offer easy onboarding for international voice termination with our fraud risk management services integral to the solution. Over direct access to our Global Voice Partner network, from the 1st minute of usage, we will be identifying in real time:


  • Financial and usage triggers
  • Alarm management activity including feedback loop for systems and machine learning
  • Incident response actions – the Who, What and How of damage limitation
  • Communications plan – the Who, What, When and How of communications efficiency on damage limitation
  • Framework to adopt or enhancement of existing initiatives
  • Quality Management System driven continuous improvement program to maintain performance levels that protect both brand and financials

Discover Solutions for your Business


Our Managed Services enable Enterprises to achieve global reach with local presence whilst ensuring voice security and quality. 


We aim to simplify the complex and help you leverage our investment to ensure your portfolio can compete for global voice and connectivity solutions that can scale efficiently.

Call Centres

Our voice services team has a wealth of experience in contracting and managing high volumes of short duration traffic

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