F5 surveyed customers from more than 300 organizations (of all sizes) across a broad spectrum of vertical markets such as banking and finance, telecommunications, public sector, and consumer products to produce their latest The State of Application Delivery in 2015 report.

To set the stage for the survey, F5 asked respondents about their current applications environments. Many organizations said they were already managing a huge number of applications. Twenty percent of respondents said they have 201-500 applications deployed while 28% have 1-200 deployed.

The key findings of the report were:

  • Application availability is priority one.
  • Security remains top of mind for customers.
  • Programmability is vital to business agility.
  • Software-defined networking must reduce operating expenses.

A common belief is that customers are willing to give up application performance to keep their networks more secure, but respondents indicated that performance was the last thing they were willing to give up. Availability proved to be the application service that respondents considered most critical.

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