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Your Challenge

Contact Centre as a Service, Communications Platforms as a Service, traditional Call centres generate large volumes of short duration calls. The closure of old TDM (Time-Division Multiplex switches) for IP SBC interconnect capacity means that Network Operators are able to identify this traffic far more easily and secure a commercial return that reflects the additional overhead on processing these traffic streams.

Commercially the volumes are attractive to carriers, however, the additional overheads in processing and compliance, combined with a general reduction in voice interconnect capacity means that hiding these traffic streams in traditional carrier ‘swaps’ does not offer the route quality or stability call centres demand.

Compliance initiatives, including US ‘Stir and Shaken’, EU GDPR and UK ICO, means that traffic management partners need to be familiar with their platform profiles and able to broker quality challenges if and when they arise.

High Call Attempts Per Second

All dialler platforms need SIP trunk capacity to offer a high volume of ports (concurrent calls) but also a high Call Attempts per Second (CAPS or APS) owing to the volume of calls in set up or tear down at any instance. Failure to organise this capacity end to end on termination routing can result in multiple poor call connection scenarios leading to less effective agent utilisation

SIP Response Codes Consistency

Call Centre Traffic streams may be routed over several interconnected carriers including both IP and TDM switching. Routes may offer a major variance in the consistency of SIP response codes (either TDM conversion or IP switching originated) which can severely disrupt call routing policies, list management and call connection successes leading to less effective agent utilisation.  

Access Optimisation.

Optimising both outbound call termination and inbound call return are critical elements of the network access for call routing on which the CCaaS/CPaaS solutions are reliant. Provision of resilient, stable and diverse interconnects which offer global reach should be a highly valued foundation for all platform providers.

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Our Voice Services team has a wealth of experience in managing high volumes of short duration traffic. Over direct routes our partner interconnects are commercially structured to deliver a consistent quality performance that is proactively monitored and managed.

Competitively priced
Active compliance management
Origination and termination problem resolution
Stable, reliable routing
Proactive monitoring
Global regional interconnect(s) with local knowledge

Our Services

Global Voice

Need to centralise voice services globally but need expert support on the journey to transition to an OPEX carrier aggregation platform for retail voice services, inbound Global Numbers, International Toll Free Services, outbound and routing policy management, then our service is for you

Global Managed Network

Looking to optimise interconnectivity within your SDN ecosystem? Leverage our experience in innovative partnering to extend network agility and efficiencies within a dynamic market. Harness our service management experience within your global network fabric.

White Label NOC

This is the ideal service for Communications Service Providers or Enterprises who want people 24*7 or just dark hours. We provide proactive and reactive monitoring and alerting with rapid response through a team intimately familiar with your network and business. 

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