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Monitoring & Responding to Fraudulent Activity

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Fraud negatively impacts everyone

including residential and commercial customers with losses increasing the communications carriers’ operating costs, resulting in higher service costs to the end user. Technical briefing on fraud in the telecommunications industry.

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As part of our ongoing drive to protect our clients and our clients’ customers from telecoms fraud, SmartIPX has added TNZI’s TollShield – a SaaS Toll Fraud Mitigation Platform – to our product suite offering. Toll fraud is costing the global telecommunications industry billions every year and there’s only a few ways to stop it. Standard industry practice has been to block geographic regions if toll fraud is suspected, whereas TollShield’s patent pending technology intelligently monitors networks, detects suspicious traffic and enables rapid response to fraudulent calls. Adding TollShield to its product suite means SmartIPX – a London Docklands-based company which manages critical communications traffic across Telco, Private and Public Interconnects for Digital Service Providers, MVNO & SaaS organisations – is able to provide additional layers of protection for our clients and their customers. SmartIPX’s shared services model is designed to leverage its investments with strategic partners. The addition of the TollShield fraud mitigation platform to the SmartIPX product suite is a progressive and exciting opportunity to deliver significant value added benefits for voice termination.

  • deliver the most comprehensive fraud management service in terms of systems & support
  • add signalling, to existing rating, volume and count profile monitoring
  • assist with route, switch & alert escalation management
  • improve on SmartIPX’s existing 24*7 NOC market leading response times

As SmartIPX CEO Paul Tindley says:

“Wholesale transit is always about enabling routing rather than stopping people making calls! Fraud management as a service is about enabling central network teams to confidently rely upon their partners to exercise controls that their enterprise, corporate and SMB customers can rely upon,”

“VoIP fraud is a lose-lose scenario, it costs margin and damages customer relationships. With TollShield, SmartIPX is able to end the era of wholesale abdication and deliver a simple, effective and reliable wholesale SIP trunking and termination option,”

SmartIPX expects TollShield to be fully integrated into our existing customer accounts in Q2 2016 and to be a key service differentiator for all new managed services customers from July 2016.

About TNZI

TNZI is a global voice business servicing international carriage service providers, regional telecommunications networks and multi-national enterprise. TNZI operates a global voice business with more than 200 customer and vendor relationships worldwide. Our extensive direct and partnership connection agreements provide world-class routing options, with a range of international voice services that suit various markets and customer needs. Website:

About TollShield

TollShield uses patent pending technology to intelligently monitor your network, detect suspicious traffic and enable rapid response to fraudulent calls. It gives you the time and information you need, just when you need it. So you can stop fraudulent activity within minutes. Website:

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