SmartIPX Q3 Fraud Report

The industry must remain constantly vigilant as new destinations for fraud continue to appear.

Our latest quarterly fraud report has revealed that the telecommunications industry needs to remain constantly vigilant and on the lookout for new fraud attack ranges.

In Q3 2016 a number of new fraud destinations – countries where fraud attacks either begin or terminate – appeared on the monitoring list including Estonia, the Congo, the Netherlands and Guinea Bissau – all locations across the globe and not concentrated in one geographic location.

Other new attacks included Oman, Austria, France, Mexico, the Philippines and the UAE. Q3 also saw the highest recorded number of attacks so far this year, coming in at 25% higher than the average quarter and 71% more in comparison with the same quarter in 2015.

Telecoms fraud can be dismissed as a victimless crime – this isn’t the case. Fraud negatively impacts consumer and commercial customers alike; pushing up costs, funding crime and in more recent times, terrorism. Clearly, this is highly detrimental to the industry and requires a proactive approach – if you’re not fighting fraud, you could actually be facilitating it by inaction.

SmartIPX deploys solutions that can help you to protect your service, safeguard your margin and maintain your credibility in partnership with our winning triumvirate of Technology, Process and Team.

Our fraud reports are free to download and share with your colleagues; we merely ask that you credit us when sharing whether internally or or social media. Join us in the telco fraud conversation with the hashtag #TelcoFraud on Twitter and let us know your experiences!

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