docklands-hastingwood-E148PX_thumb As the SmartIPX team settle into our new offices today at the Docklands Business Centre, we are feeling very happy with our new head office and technical hub.

Our new premises are purpose built to meet our operational demand and give us space to grow; with the additional bonus of some fabulous private, secure outdoor space for sunny day meetings!

Due to a massive growth curve, we’ve managed two successful moves inside a year, which whilst not ideal, rewards our focus on planning, asset management, adoption of hybrid cloud infrastructure and business continuity arrangements; all examples of experience where we can add valuable input to our customer’s own designs and processes.

We’d like to say a big thank you to all the SmartIPX team on our transition to the new offices; a big endeavour, excellently executed. Well done!

We’ll add some photos of the team and new office once we’ve settled in and tidied up.

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