Protecting your margins by deploying an agile NOC

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When it comes to telecoms fraud those responsible for it are getting increasingly cunning at finding and tracking exploits. According to research carried out by the Communications Fraud Control Association, as of late 2015 the UK came in eighth on the list of most targeted countries for telecoms fraud, with the average cost to UK businesses falling foul of fraud being in the region of £10k.

Holiday periods provide “perfect storms” for PBX hackers, especially in years when there are additional Bank Holidays as the festive dates fall over a weekend. This can allow up to four full days for a PBX hack to run – close to 100 hours of clear time before there may be anyone in the office to notice something’s wrong.

While it is our experience that you cannot fully eradicate fraudulent activity, using the triumvirate of Technology, Process and Team, it is possible to blend monitoring systems, personnel and expertise to significantly reduce the financial and brand exposure associated with telecoms fraud.

Deploying the services of an agile and dedicated 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) is one method of ensuring you have a dedicated team of engineers and support staff with the most up-to-date knowledge about fraud detection using the best technology available. A successful NOC isn’t just about fighting fraud; Improved Quality of Assurance, Quality of Service and network reliability are just three of the other areas where an expert, agile NOC will bring benefit to your business.

Many organisations will find a dedicated NOC beyond their capability to put together or manage effectively, and for those organisations with the resources to run an agile NOC, they will soon realise that the skill set required for this task is distinct from many normal NOC business functions.

Our on-demand, agile NOC team have been building domain expertise and key skills with some of the most innovative brands consistently over the last 6 years. Organisations such as Ireland’s Imagine Group have felt the benefit of the SmartIPX approach to collaborative delivery and fraud mitigation:

“Our fraud mitigation activity has improved our relationship with our upstream wholesale providers, who can see we are doing the best we can by reducing their exposure along with ours.”

Imagine Group Head of Revenue, Michael Toms.


Imagine group case study

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