NOC outsourcing is an emerging trend as part of Next Generation Network (NGN) evolution and management of infrastructure, driven primarily by the economies underpinning ownership of resources and network costs.

In certain sections of the Telecommunications industry, there remains a strong resistance to outsourcing practices, yet competitive business models are constantly evolving. The bundled packages for Voice, Mobile, Internet and IPTV have now inundated the market and a lot will consolidate over IPX interconnects over the coming years.

Our NOC specialist Graham Hillman has written a 2-part white paper that attempts to answer this question. In part 1, we looked at the case for outsourcing. In part 2 of this white paper, we will look at cultural barriers to outsourcing and arguments commonly made against it, look further at the new operational models that support NOC outsourcing and answer why NOC outsourcing is more feasible now than ever.

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