In an interesting article on LinkedIn’s Pulse Thorsten Robrecht – vice president partner of Nokia’s business unit – writes that he first felt scared when considering the telco and IT industries merging together in the shape of The Cloud.

He adds: “I am talking about software becoming the centre of the telco networks and most parts of the hardware becoming a commodity. I am talking about the fact that 10 years from now, the business models in this industry both for operators and suppliers, will be totally different from what we are used to seeing and what we have today.”

how the Cloud works

how the Cloud works

Robrecht states that one of the key drivers for this change is the Internet of Things (IoT), which he says relates to the days when Nokia used to talk about ‘Connecting People’. “Now we, as an industry, talk about ‘Connecting Things’. Just imagine, in the next five  years there will be more than 10 billion connected devices – not only mobiles or computers – but everyday objects that need a completely different level of connectivity as compared to the mobile users consuming gigabytes of content over the Internet,” he writes.

His viewpoint is interesting because he points out that the traditional telco method of communication will not work with these billions of devices. As he rightly states, connecting a car to the IoT is vastly different than the requirements involved in connecting a lightbulb or a fridge.

“How do we accomplish and combine all this? It all starts with the Cloud. We can no longer rely on traditional box-based architecture – we have to move to service-based architecture instead,” he says.

“The virtualized network is about software running on all-purpose hardware. The real music is in the intelligence of the software that steers the boxes. It’s in the distributed architecture and open interfaces.”

He concludes by pointing out that Nokia has a 150-year history of renewal and that to enjoy innovation and run it, you must open up and embrace the change.

This is something we follow here at SmartIPX. As experts in Cloud managed service delivery, we provide 24*7 service and surveillance from our network operations centre (NOC) at the heart of London’s Docklands. Our voice Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Interconnect as a Service (IXaaS) leverage new capabilities through deploying Cataleya Orchid One for wholesale transit, MVNE and application partners.

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