SmartIPX’s trip to Mobile World Congress 2015 was a great success, reminding us of both the total industry size and the scale of the dominant network operators. The marketing showpiece representation of the mobile network operators, their primary vendors and the device manufacturers is an impressive one which underlines major consolidation ahead.

The challenges of 5G were high on the agenda, with the main aim being that collaboration is key to achieving those goals and that to derive value, both innovation and scale were important.

Photo via University of Surrey

Photo via University of Surrey

Paul Tindley, CEO at SmartIPX, said: “It was enlightening to understand how far standards activity has progressed and that the UK hub at Surrey University is at the forefront of ‘friendly coalition’ activity. There is much more to come on this critical path.”

He added: “I’d also like to give a quick thank you to the MNVO Dynamics team, whose MVNO VIP Cocktail Party was a showcase for a vibrant ecosystem, testimony to innovation, agility and execution, with key stakeholders now with cross-border footprints and eyes firmly set on global prizes.”

Other key developments discussed at MWC15 included how, with Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) now being mainstream, rapid changes to how network elements are controlled along the OSI spectrum, from Layer 2 to Layer 7, will resonate across network operations and customer experience management.

The inclusion of the ad-tech and media players showed that industry horizons are broadening, while WebRTC and API vendors have ‘use cases’ in abundance, more a matter of when and how, rather than if.

Tindley said: “Our visit was a strategic refresher with an injection of passion as we met customers, suppliers, future partners and gained insights galore. MWC is well recommended but do not forget your comfortable shoes!”

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