We love this infographic from VoIP consultancy firm Software Advice, titled the Life and Death of the Analog Telephone. There’s a great deal of discussion in the world of telephony about the growing mobile phone market and the shrinking landline market. And it’s true that mobile and wireless is the direction in which the telephony sector is growing—there’s plenty of data to back that up.

Network technology has been the same for pretty much 134 years until the first VOIP call was made, but it wasn’t until VOIP achieved relatively mainstream awareness not more than 12 years ago, that the shift from analog to digital telephony become real.

As of now, end user adoption is limited by network access capability; with mobile connections outstripping fixed lines, will video calling take a full decade to become defacto or not? Users (consumers and businesses alike) have shown that they will adopt VOIP if it’s easy to use and of the right standard, so why not video?

VoIP Supply make some further useful observations about this infographic at http://www.voipsupply.com/blog/voip-insider/history-of-analog-to-voip/.

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