SmartIPX Q1 Fraud Report

Eastern Europe Continues to Head up the Fraud Termination List
Fraud is big business for the telecoms industry and monitoring the trends and patterns which criminals use to commit it is becoming vitally important. Here we launch the first of our 2016 Fraud Reports which takes a comprehensive look at what’s happened in the first quarter of the year not only with our own experiences but also pulling in the results of the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) 2015 survey and other sources. One of the key findings in the CFCA survey is that the global cost of fraud has dropped to $38.1b, a fall of 18% since the 2013 survey. This is down to a combination of factors including better monitoring, more collaboration and communication between carriers and increasingly sophisticated technologies and equipment being put in place to track and monitor fraud attempts.

Q1 Fraud Report

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