Are You Fighting or Facilitating Fraud?

The i3 forum laid down the challenge in 2016: you are either fighting telecoms fraud or you are facilitating it! Cataleya’s forthcoming announcements on their support services enabled by their Orchid One v2.0 release shows why SmartIPX is delighted to have them in our corner when fighting fraud.

Cataleya delivers massively on two major roadmap items, Business Intelligence (BI) reporting and fraud management enabled by machine learning. The Business Intelligence (BI) reporting brings alive the Orchid One engine room’s real time analytics, a powerful engineering toolkit that is now open to view for all demands: Orchid One customers are being enabled to set new benchmarks in voice traffic management, in an all IP environment.

Paul Tindley, SmartIPX CEO says of these new developments:

“This toolkit brings interconnect management out of the ‘build and forget’ world of TDM and changes a rate limited view to assuring a smart or intelligent voice network right for business, combining insight and transparency with machine learning.

Placing the spotlight on unacceptable criminal practices will make it simpler for good business to be done in a market where margin pressure is intense. It feels like our expert NOC team, ever vigilant in protecting customer margin, have been given a set of golden gloves as we get on the front foot in this battle to combat fraud, which is as our recent quarter 2 fraud report has shown, now bigger than narcotics.

I am excited about how, why and where our customers start to leverage these new capabilities as SmartIPX helps redefine best practice in voice traffic management.”

Cataleya are running a webinar on 31st August “Identifying Telecoms Fraud & Protecting Your Profits” – we recommend this strongly as a must see for all those involved in seeking scalability, reliability and security for IP voice traffic management. Topics include:

  • Types of common known fraud.
  • Common fraud detection methods.
  • Detecting unknown/upcoming frauds with machine-learning algorithms & big data.
  • The importance of real-time analytics in fraud detection.

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