With a new Commission set to take over in just a few days at the end of this month, current European Commission VP Neelie Kroes has left a departing message to telcos.

Speaking at what is likely to be her last address to European operators, Kroes warned telcos to change their attitude, if Europe is ever to become a single telecoms market saying: “Your message is clear; that we need to change regulation. But you have to change too. ‘Regulate my rival’ is not a general call that will ever find much resonance.”

Kroes encourages operators to collaborate with ‘new’ rather than stymie competitors, while highlighting the need for agility and innovation. Question marks still remain over the pace of reform and price regulation within Europe, which may make service providers more risk adverse in their forecasts – another driver for opex-based partnerships such as those available from SmartIPX.

In April, EU lawmakers overwhelmingly voted to eliminate roaming fees associated with the use of mobile phones in other EU countries – with Kroes declaring the move as vital in the overhauling of the telecoms sector.

However, a draft EU proposal last month has indicated that the move could well be delayed – it made no mention of the date proposed by parliament of December 15, 2015 – news that potentially nods towards a win for big European telecoms operators, at the expense of consumers.

Clearly much uncertainty still exists around roaming within the EU – and a single market price plan may still be some way off – leaving substantial scope for roaming MVNO specialists, we believe.

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