VodafoneInteresting to see this piece in the Guardian last week about a Welsh primary school teacher who was unfortunate enough to have his mobile stolen in Barcelona and ended up with a £15,000 bill run up in less than 24 hours by the thief phoning two Spanish premium rate numbers.

His CSP, Vodafone, have offered a discount of 30% to Mr Edwards reducing the bill to £10,500, which he says he cannot pay.

What we found most interesting was this sentence from the article: “They [the CSP, Vodafone in this case] argue that they cannot bar accounts as they don’t have “real time” call monitoring. Critics say they don’t want to pay to upgrade their systems – especially as they already bar out-of-credit, pay-as-you-go phones and monitor data roaming charges in real time.”

The likely outcome is that Vodafone will end up out of pocket and Mr Edwards will end up with a default; all avoidable with good fraud management processes in place.

We understand that customer experience is very important and clearly this is an example where both systems capability and process has let Vodafone and their customer down; the problem being that current systems are designed around abdicating responsibility for fraud to the end user, not anticipating worst case scenarios and planning for them.

The two issues here are monitoring/alarm capabilities and handling roaming data (roaming call data is often slower in terms of data processing up to 4 hours behind as it is running off another networks).

We invest in highest quality systems to support real time demands from our MVNO and CSP partners, who are therefore able to repay on wholesale fraud management and prepaid credit management controls to minimise risk and protect customer relationships – building customer focused services on nextgen systems!

All reducing their own liability, irritated customers and outraged media in one stroke without the requirement for massive OPEX.

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Read the original Guardian article at http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/oct/17/vodafone-customer-billing-nightmare-mobile-theft

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