For Enterprise and Managed Service Providers, SmartIPX is now able to offer a streamlined solution for centralised telephony services within China. Building upon work with licensed operators, an assured product now delivers access to Chinese DID, routing capacity for both inbound and terminating calls.

Efficient and effective, this is a great example of our SmartAdvantage delivering long term gains. Call us today for local number presence for Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen just for starters!

SIP Trunking for People’s Republic of China

SmartIPX is able to offer assured, efficient and effective SIP trunking capacity for businesses making and receiving calls in China.

Leveraging licensed operator direct agreements, with SmartIPX you can:

  • remove persistent quality related calling issues
    • assured CLI presentation & DTMF services
    • Assured inbound routing
    • no False Answer Service outbound
  • streamline number order and management
    • DID requirements
      • company name, registration & purpose for number (customer contact, product support, brand prospect, survey etc)
  • simplify commercial and operations activity
    • Single MSA – Prepaid Terms of Sale
    • 3 * PoP interconnect options
      • Public and Private – London, Hong Kong, Singapore
    • 24*7 Global NOC   

Per DID (telephone number)

  • 30 channel call concurrency automatically allocated
    • account prioritisation of inbound calls over outbound calling (standard)
    • pilot trial 2 months (post trial 12 month minimum term)
  • DID Inbound City Options
    • 10 Business Day Lead Time
      • Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen
    • 30 Business Day Lead Time
      • All Other Cities
    • 40 Business Day Lead Time
      • Beijing


  • pilot trial 2 months (post trial 12 month minimum term) – main city numbers
  • Fx Option USD$ / EUR€ / GBP£
  • Prepaid credit balance
    • MRC deducted monthly in advance
    • Usage in real time
  • Interconnect Options – Private & Public
  • Special Number Options – High Rate Fixed Charges Apply
    • 10-40 Business Day Lead Time
    • Numbers starting 400 / Numbers patterns and numbers ending with 6/8
    • Minimum 12 month term will apply (3 year options available)

For further information, contact us and we will be happy to provide further information and a pricing.

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