An interesting article from ITProPortal has outlined the importance of phone hacker awareness.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a mainstream technology, offering superior features and competitive pricing, however, companies need to be vigilant and understand the associated security risks. Sensitive information is often divulged during the course of a telephone call, either in the form of spoken voice or DTMF (key) tones – and clever Internet hackers will prey on vulnerable phone solutions.

By their very nature, VoIP phone calls can be at high risk to interception. From large corporations to small businesses – no company can afford to be complacent – and the problem is not only relevant to businesses who take payments over the phone, but also to any company who keeps confidential information about their customers, employees, products, research and/or financial status.

The good news is that there is now a growing focus on security, related to both the service provider and the interconnect design and delivery. Direct access is more costly, hence the reason why service providers are starting to look at ‘shared interconnect’ platforms, such as IPX, to maintain security while reducing committed overhead. SmartIPX, along with partner companies such as Cognia, supply a range of voice compliance and call recording solutions.

Read the ITProPortal article in full here.

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