While applications are at the heart of IT’s ability to drive revenue and business efficiencies, they are only as good as the application services that deliver them.

What good is a lifestyle app if it loses connectivity just as you have completed your seven mile run?

Can an organization afford to risk its reputation on a vending machine that loses its customers’ personal information? As applications increase in their strategic importance to the business, so, too, will the application services required to provide for their security, performance, and availability.

The evidence of F5’s first survey to explore the state of application delivery indicates that organizations are not only aware of the importance of application services, but overwhelmingly rely on them to deliver their applications.

As application deployments expand to include public, private, and hybrid cloud models, the complexity and diversity of the network services needed to support those applications will also continue to grow.

Application services will continue to evolve to address that complexity as well as existing and new challenges related to the delivery of those applications.

The success of emerging technologies designed to address these challenges (such as SDN) will depend in part on their ability to support and include the diverse set of application services organizations rely on to deliver applications.

Find out the answers to these, and many other interesting findings, in The State of Application Delivery in 2015 from F5.

You can download the full F5 report here:

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