Image courtesy of Ericsson

Image courtesy of Ericsson

5G is the next platform on the ever evolving telecoms networks journey – designed from the ground up to meet ever more advanced and complex sets of performance requirements.

It also represents a new way of thinking in the approach to these generational changes in mobile technology which tend to occur every decade or so, give or take a few years.

Telecoms operators and service providers are going through major digital transformations, these are reshaping not only communications but all sectors of the economy and one of the driving forces behind the advancement of 5G is the Internet of Things.

With 5G and the advancement of speed and breadth of transformation it will bring, this reshaping will only increase and with innovative network design which comes from an evolutionary root rather than a reactionary one.

5G evolution in advanced communications

It will bring highly efficient and faster networks, supporting more users, more devices, more services and more use cases than ever before – all without an impact to costs or the carbon footprint. The 5G evolution will bring advanced communications, media, Machine to Machine technology and much more and it will be one of the most important enablers of the Networked Society.

Mobile giants Ericsson coined the phrase which the company uses to describe a future ecosystem in which widespread internet connectivity drives change for individuals and communities. As part of this vision Ericsson has created a superb information portal which looks in depth at just what it believes a Networked Society will be.

Ericsson is quick to point out that no single entity owns the Networked Society, it is an inflection point – enabling transformative and disruptive change across industries and society, catalysing an entirely new economic model – but the company has been at the forefront of ideas and research.

Just this week Hans Vestberg, President and CEO at Ericsson, released news of a broad technology and commercial partnership with IT networking giants Cisco Systems, which stops short of a full-blown merger but covers co-operation in everything from research and development to customer service.

Vestberg said: “Between us and Cisco, we hold more than 56,000 patents, invest $11 billion annually in research and development, and operate more than 76,000 services professionals serving customers in more than 180 countries.

“The strength of this partnership lies not just in its scale, but in the depth of the solutions Ericsson and Cisco can now provide to the networking market. It is a market in transition – increasingly mobile, cloud-based, and digital – and customers are seeking end-to-end solutions to reach their full potential.”

Robbins, speaking on Twitter, said: “This is a partnership of choice,” and that “we could not be more excited about this new partnership for the future!”

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