In a thought piece on the LinkedIn Pulse blog, Dr Hossein Eslambolchi, Chairman and CEO at CyberFlow Analytics & 2020 Venture Partners, speaks about the hazards and costs of cyber-crime and what can be done for 4G network protection until the arrival of 5G wireless.

According to Dr Eslambolchi, mobility is one area of concern, given that there is likely to be 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020. He identifies the types of problems and potential solutions to defeat cyber-crime across the globe, along with highlighting how the industry needs to continue to develop and maintain innovation in wireless with 4G and, ultimately, 5G, designed for the support of M2M (machine to machine) and the Internet of Everything (IoE).

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Mobile security threats come in lots of varieties:

  • Threats to information security and network reliability and availability are identified as a particular worry to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), while threats to network availability get less media coverage but worry the MNOs even more.
  • Wasteful consumption of network resources due to cyber security attacks.
  • Network performance in terms of potential impact on packet loss, jitter and latency for IP-based mobile networks and highly sensitive applications that are jitter, latency or packet loss related.
  • Network Uptime – In the wire line world, networks are designed with 5 nines (99.999%) of reliability which was about 10 defects per million. In the wireless world, the design due to mobility is ranging from 99.9 to 99.95% depending on multiple factors. So MNOs who have been trademarking their reliability for decades do not want to compromise that for their massive base of consumer and business customers, or else they’ll shift to another MNO since number portability is a nonissue versus a decade ago.
  • Network Uptime – In any attack, hackers not only are trying to steal corporate IP, but they also want to damage network uptime. Multiple scenarios of DoS (Denial of Service Attacks) are just an example, which is still is one of the ugliest modes of attack in the hacker world. Though there are good technologies and protection around this type of attack currently in place, the reduction of uptime performance is still a major issue for MNOs worldwide.

Paul Tindley, Managing Director at Smart IPX, commented: “The very enhancements of technology, especially in signalling, are raising the additional threat opportunity, well positioned here using VoLTE as simple example. I am sure this will be on the Mobile World Congress 2015 agenda.”

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