Don’t let your network be “where the money is” for hackers. At SmartIPX, we help you to “Fight not Facilitate" fraud so you don't have to be concerned about the security of your network and worried about the impact fraud will have on your business.

We have built our domain expertise helping to meet the needs of our customers. Our service is designed:

  1. To allow customers to continue making calls;
  2. To protect customer relationships;
  3. To minimise the risk of fraud and therefore margin loss.

Fraud negatively impacts everyone, including residential and commercial customers, with losses increase the communications carriers’ operating costs resulting in higher service costs to the end user. It is our experience that you cannot entirely eradicate fraudulent account activity, however best practice should be built upon:

  1. A sophisticated arsenal of tools & systems.
    Detection – Alerting – Blocking – Data Mining.
    Constant evolution.
  2. Streamlined decision making processes using highly trained and experienced experts.
    Rapid reaction = less losses
    Red tape = greater losses
    Dedicated 24/7 resources – continuous familiarisation & training
  3. Market intelligence & cooperation.
    Being prepared to share and learn.
Fraud Management Service Chart

Contact us to understand how you can leverage our investment in our NOC and with key partners such as Cataleya, TNZI, Symbio Wholesale and Tollshield.

This is risk management activity of a critical kind, as once a fraud is occurring the potential losses can be business threatening; we have worked with partner customers to benchmark fraud incidents to identify the true value of deploying and maintaining a managed service.

You can lose a lot of money in a short time of time if you are not capable of detecting or responding to fraud very quickly. You don’t just need to know that you’ve had a fraud, you need to react to it – it’s not enough to have a fraud detection department staffed only during office hours. The CFCA 2013 global fraud report shows that significantly less than 50% of all organisations staffed operated fraud detection on a 24×7 basis.

SmartIPX deployments include managing solutions that are able to either support internal teams working with existing infrastructure, or can provide you with a fully managed vPaaS that incorporates real time fraud and traffic management options.

Our management service enables monitoring vs normal usage and rate patterns with an alerts procedure which includes our 24/7 service desk. This allows us to respond to unexpected usage patterns that may indicate fraud by shutting down or suspending activity, escalation and further monitoring, minimising your exposure.

If you need to get smarter, quicker, are considering outsourced support or just unhappy with current business performance, perhaps we should talk.

Our fraud management operations are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are experts in remotely helping to operate and maintain our customers’ infrastructure and network, fine-tuned around their exact requirements.

To understand more about why you need to be always on when combating fraud see our quarter 2 fraud report.

Learn more about the SmartIPX Managed Voice Infrastructure

Network Surveillance

We provide a full 24/7 alarm monitoring and surveillance capability to monitor any network device.

Our White Label NOC

Our 24×7 service operations based in London with a global reach and the basis of our intelligence fraud control.

Triage Management

Triage works through incoming alerts to assess and deal with them in the most expeditious manner.