Managed Services refers to the practice of outsourcing day-to-day operational management to optimise operations activity and reducing capex costs, transferring costs.

For application (SaaS), MVNx or platform orientated customers we offer day-to-day operational management responsibilities and IT functions as a structural method for optimising operations activity and reducing capex costs, transferring costs to opex, combined with aggregate global SIP trunking capacity that leverages our partner Origination and Termination (Ingress & Egress) options including DID number rental, provisioning & porting, international and in country.

If you already have interconnection agreements in place, our voice Platform as a Service (vPaaS) might suit you better.

Interconnection technology and its protocols are now an intrinsic part of the cloud computing infrastructure driving the adoption of opex driven cost models where pay as you go is the new normal status. IaaS is quite simply the cloud plumbing requirements to negotiate and traverse IP connectivity through firewalls, routers, authentication server based applications, RIPE registration, transport layer adaptation and QOS requirements.

For years the way Telecommunications Interconnection took place was traditionally an unregulated monopolistic activity either controlled by the state or via large Service Providers (SPs) with vested interests in maintaining the status quo.

The advent of new mass market broadband technologies in the mid to late 1990s via Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), brought new forms of local access to residential, business and enterprise markets. These technologies allowed much faster data services at more reasonable costs to the end user, in turn making it easier for integrated voice and data access using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).

Our platform offers customers specific activities that are tangible to their requirements, for example Voice Switching, SMS transit, Fraud Management, Billing, typically residing inside cloud environments for maximum control and visibility.

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SmartIPX has 24 x 7 technical resources to maintain and support next generation, current and legacy networks alike, with the experience and deep understanding of how vPaaS is evolving along with required technical and process adoption to optimise cPaaS as a scal­able and quality driven resource

As the trusted operations partner for a wide range of communication service providers (CSP) world-wide, SmartIPX blend people, expertise and systems to enhance our client’s network operational capabilities on our managed voice infrastructure. The future of Platform as a Service (PaaS), Interconnect as a Service (IXaaS), the Cloud, are at the heart of our vision for the company and we are experts in remotely helping to operate and maintain our customers’ infrastructure and network, fine-tuned around their exact requirements.

Specifically, SmartIPX is very focused on understanding and using operational support systems in support of their clients, with a highly adaptive approach to complex scenarios.

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Our White Label NOC

 Our 24×7 service operations based in London with a global reach, offering triage management and network surveillance.

Combating Fraud

Our skills and expertise, help you reduce your exposure and minimise your losses from fraudulent activity.